Your guide to buying the right smart lock – Video


Smart locks can actually add a lot of convenience to your home.
Things like, unlocking the door hands free, or letting people into your home if they just need to walk your dog or deliver a package.
Another thing they can do is trigger scenes.
So when you unlock your door at the end of the day, it can also change your lights and your thermostat to welcome you home.
Smart locks come in two main varieties.
The first is bluetooth and bluetooth works just like it does with your phone.
It connects to the lock and it works in a short range.
So maybe 50 or 100 feet but beyond that you’re really not going to have any access.
You can extend it with a WiFi module but that’s often an added accessory and an added cost.
The second kind of smart lock is Z Wave or Zigby.
Now that’s gonna require a hub that’s also connected to your router, but once that’s setup you can control your lock with voice assistance, and connect it to other smart home devices.
You’ll also be able to lock and unlock your door remotely.
So there are a couple different ways that you can put a smart lock on your door.
The first is retrofit and models like August or Quickset Convert are good examples of that.
You don’t have to replace your existing deadbolt or change your keys.
You can just attach it to the back of the door.
There’s also completely keyless models like the Quickset Opsidian that are just a touch screen deadbolt.
And then there are some kind of in the middle where you have a touchscreen keypad and a key, so you’ve got a lot of options.
For the most part, smart locks are as secure as a regular deadbolt.
The deadbolt hardware is graded the same, and it has pretty much the same physical ability.
As long as you’re keeping your wi-fi password secure and updating your software like you should, there really Really shouldn’t be any major issues.
Deciding if you really need a smart lock comes down mostly just to preference.
If you like the idea of having remote access, being able to check if you locked your door and letting people in when you’re not home, smart locks are a way to do that.

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