Nest Cam IQ Outdoor: A great security camera at a high price – Video


The $349 Next cam IQ outdoor is a plug-in weather-proof WiFi security camera that’s designed exclusively for outdoor use.
Out of the box you get access to the free nest app, a live video feed, motion and person alerts, and a 3 hour image history of activity that’s happening.
While the resolution is 1080p HD, this camera has a 4K image sensor, which makes the IQ outdoor particularly good at zooming into see people moving Looking around.
You can opt out of this if you don’t want it to automatically zoom in to see a person, but it’s a pretty useful way to get a quick close up shot of anyone within the view of your camera.
The Nestcam IQ Outdoor works with both Amazon and Google Smart assistance, that means you can pull up a live video feed on a smart TV that work with either one.
It also means that you can pull up a live feed on a Screen enabled Amazon speaker like the Echo Show here.
To get continuous footage, set motion detection zones and review saved clips of specific activity taking place, you do have to subscribe to the Nest Aware cloud service, starting at $5 per month, or $50 a year.
That service also unlocks Nest’s facial recognition feature, which worked surprisingly well during my My testing in a variety of outdoor light and conditions.
Shadows, clouds, and bright sun didn’t confuse the IQ Outdoor, which consistently got it right.
It even knew it was me when I wore sunglasses.
But here’s the question, do you need all of these features?
If you don’t think you’d find it helpful to get alerts saying specifically that Chris or Ashley just showed up on your camera versus an unfamiliar face The Nest camera really isn’t worth it, because even though this camera works well, 349 is a lot to spend on a single camera.

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