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Sitting down with Jann Arden is like visiting with a long time friend. When I walked into the trendy downtown bar that was arranged for this interview, she immediately came up to give us a hug and offer a "refreshing beverage. Perhaps by this point she was tired of talking about herself, but it is the genuineness of Arden that has made her so wildly popular.

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While Jann Arden is as talented as ever, in the world of JANN the seriesshe's no longer the household name she once was, and is now dealing with the harsh reality that her former music career is slowly fading away. She plays corporate gigs and community events, like the local farmer's market, and to make ends meet, Jann lives in the guest house on her own property, while renting out her actual big home to other, more successful people. The series follows fictional Jann and her somewhat desperate and hilarious struggle to find a new audience.

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The trio shared what it was like to work with legendary director Quentin Tarantino. I remember crying once over a girlfriend that had broken up [with me], and I was crying to my mom on the phone, and my dad was at the other end of the phone -- this is a concrete construction guy -- and he said, 'Honey, we would love you if you were pink with purple spots. They said, 'We're always here to talk to you,' and my mom said to me at the dinner table -- I remember her grabbing my wrists -- and she said, 'You are a completely normal person.

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Jann Arden is a Canadian record artist and songwriter. Recognized for her confessional ballads and sharp-shooting interviews, Arden has never been married. Born in Calgary, Alberta, Arden holds a Canadian nationality and is of white ethnicity.

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I can tell this is going to be an interesting lunch. I settle for crab cakes and a mixture of shrimp and lobster that Arden has recommended. I'll take a bite when it comes.

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Network executives seem pleased with the first season, and social media response to a preview of its debut episode is solid. It happened only a few years after she lost her father to dementia. But before she starts mailing out invitations to her grand finale, Arden has big plans.

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CL: This event is aimed at celebrating inspiring, unique and wonderful women, and features a panel of extremely accomplished ladies. What does it mean to you to be included on a panel like this? All over this planet, women are marginalized and set aside and unable to educate themselves, and in a lot of places still unable to vote, so when you look at our country, the profound freedom that we enjoy, the ability to educate ourselves in some of the finest academic centres on the planet, it really is great.

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Jann Arden is a true prairie gal. Born and raised in nearby Springbank, the multi-time Juno award winner still calls the Calgary area home. She is building a house just west of the city, with a home for her parents sharing the property.

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Chely Wright describes herself as a Kansas born farm girl, coming from a religious family, and entering a singing career knowing that being a lesbian — at home and at work — was a great handicap. She had a long relationship with a woman that she managed to keep hidden from everyone including close friends — not only to protect herself but to protect them. She thought that if they knew about her sexual orientation they would be in the position of having to cover and lie for her.

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Jann Arden has never been married. She had talked about her past love life that there were some guys with who she had romanced. But Arden refers herself as the hurter and hurtee as she has hurt other and she herself has been hurt by others.


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