YouTube removes Logan Paul as a preferred ad partner, puts his YouTube Red projects on hold


A day after YouTube said it was looking into “further consequences” for influencer Logan Paul, Polygon is reporting that the service will be removing him from its Google Preferred ad program and is shelving Paul’s upcoming YouTube Red original video projects.

The news comes in the aftermath of the company’s promise to look into “further consequences” for Paul following his filming of a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara forest, sparking immense outcry. Although Paul later took down the video and released several apologies for his actions, many felt that YouTube’s initial response was insufficient.

The company originally responded with a lukewarm statement about how the company “prohibits violent or gory content,” that didn’t directly address the issue at hand. The company later confirmed that it had issued a strike against Paul’s channel, but it still took over a week before yesterday’s open letter from YouTube finally acknowledged the problematic video head on.

According to Polygon, a YouTube representative has confirmed that “in light of recent events,” Paul’s channels will be removed from the top-tier Google Preferred ad program, he will no longer appear in season four of the YouTube series Foursome, and and his upcoming YouTube Red movie The Thinning: New World Order is now on hold.

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