Check out this web game where all you do is dunk on Donald Trump over and over again


One brave soul went ahead and distilled the United States’ new national pastime into a simple web game in which you slam dunk over President Donald Trump over and over again until you simply lose interest in the activity. Created by artist Jayson Musson, Dunk on Trump is about as simple as a game can get: you simply tap the space bar of your keyboard while a green-clad baller approaches the president, leaps up high, and scores two while posterizing Trump, who’s sent sideways offscreen.

The experience isn’t a game so much as it is an interactive piece of art, and Musson says as much by describing his creation as “repetitive as shit with no win condition.” You can play it right now in your browser by heading to Musson’s website, where you can jam out to some delightful funk music from MegaPixel Music while you dunk on Trump. You can also download the game as a 58MB file for Windows or Mac on Musson’s website. Either way, It’s Friday — so why not go dunk on Trump a few dozen times?

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