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Through the storms Will he flop? Will he go pop a cell?

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Marilyn Manson - Hallow. Andrey Rayel - Find Your Harmony Madcon ft.

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Post a Comment. This is the post where following my blog actually enhances the experience. Because when I told you to remember the name Todd Ray, I mean

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Verse 1 Boldly go only to sew the block up, lock shit down Mama told me you the giant Bump out the nose cold, crime wave wholesome Baritone throne, so defiant They stole the science from the O. G Carbon copy, sloppy, tryna muscle out the Old E Slapshot, can't get it past the goalie mask Stonefinger roam, royalty zone off Henn, gin, rummy stunts coming in sums Writing on ya tummy hun, low stamina Still hungry some asthma clogged up Ran in smog, dialogue, dog plasma Road hogging all hammers No matters what's the track's right and exact It's madness the scanner listen, system jam up Right on ya rack, Black Panthers on a mission Right back at you, ready to cook this shit Babylon apple, natural habitat, stone statues Verse 2 Robotron Golden Arms Pentagon brain cell, all to gain Chained to the bumper, Wolfgang hunters Field goal punters tone, steel toe, eruption It's a gusher! Domecrusher Smith Ushered this style stuffing more criminals Foul up in the Nile, let off a signal with attitude Magnitude, beat you, me devil lies that's sized of cathedrals The track more lethal Came back to see you finish the job off proper Clobber your shit, spit the lava The helicopter hit you, flying saucers of course May the force not be with you, these Bengals that dangle Sinister phantom menace handsome are my lenses All in the register, speaking my Spanish Clips like banana grips, bonanza Dressed fancy in the club, Halle Berry slow dance We romance now give me love Verse 3 Jackie Chan movements, hard to kill for real Drill him some more with some Old fashion smooth shit, long winded Splendid the bomb blow, on the whole a ruthless Butter roll flow, show improvement? This shit is cool whip to me When I groove to rule this music with a mule kick Eight ball in the side pocket corner One mark the chalk, gimme my pool stick Smoked the dipped Notes by the throat, full grip, scud puddy in my hands Fans, read the blueprints The truth is, the slang you bit?

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I know you love Rza and all but I can't stand him. Which is typically what happens when I find out more about the artists I like. And it could be because of Prince Rakeem but I let Genius bounce back from "Come Do Me" I did hear him on fresh air once and he started going into his discussion of mathematics and "zigging" where you might "zag" otherwise and wanted to beat him with a large fish.

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Verse 1 On the mat, head to toe Intacked on the track Big hat's on the go, Let them ho's know we on a stroll We on the track, The shit we started, we comin' back In the market of rap, walkin 'man heart talkin Superbowl ring, sun of soul king Roll the red carpet, out the cockpit Sharkskin garments, come out the closet "ROCKS! Verse 2 It's just the vocab Gift of gab Like the river they call me Rhymin' money on the wood Go good right before I just 69 em' Trick ass bitch nigga diamonds Put her arm in perfect timing Sweet signs a sin Steady climbin Always press fresh food on the table On the move Hash flourish Ever since they prove My stable every move is fatal My step gonna survive No jive Talkin GMC See the C bring it back to me If it's alright with you it's alright with me We could do like men how you want it to be That shiny shake that blind mixtape's like pineapple grape No time to escape Pimp slap your face On the hole is soul in the hole Roll now blow Hook. The album was released on October 5,

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Through the storms Will he go pop a cell? The worst is groove frantic, he expand the planet Plan harder, your godfather's plans failed I air mail the senseless scar, two snub noses Niggas love those expensive cars Is it him and those twenty inch rims, splittin the tar? An amazon woman from the stripbar God, it varies, halley berry, stars eatin hard cherries This world is bizarre, not bein far from mars Galaxy hoppin, non-stoppin the sun rays Stay and paid for real, 'til i'm old and grey Pretty legs, of course, soft as clay Degrees, hot breeze in your hair all day, all day Engaged a lot, rockin hot and cold chains Is my brain vain?

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Through the storms Will he flop? Will he go pop a cell?


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