Signs and symptoms of adult aspergers

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Individuals with Asperger's syndrome have various challenges with social functioning, specifically with regards to interpreting and responding to social cues and emotions appropriately. Difficulties with changes in routine and a hypersensitivity to various sensory inputs are additional symptoms. We use the term Asperger's syndrome here, as many still do when referring to this condition.

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A person with this disorder also exhibits repetitive behaviors, interests, and activities. They may lack empathy for others, and have difficulty with normal social behaviors, such as making eye contact or using appropriate emotional facial expressions. This may make them seem insensitive, although that is rarely the case.

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Learn more about the symptoms of autism in adults here. Autism is generally characterized by social and communication difficulties and by repetitive behaviors. Symptoms of autism occur in three main areas:.

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With every day that passes, we're learning more about autism and high functioning Autism, also known as Asperger's Syndrome. If it seems like so many more people are being diagnosed today, it's because they really are. But it's not because autism is spreading like some disastrous wildfire.

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Asperger's syndrome is a type of autism. It is characterized by social and communication difficulties and repetitive or restrictive patterns of behavior. A person with AS finds it harder to read social signals, and so it is harder for them communicate and interact with others.

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From my clinical experience I consider that children and adults with Aspergers Syndrome have a different, not defective, way of thinking. The person usually has a strong desire to seek knowledge, truth and perfection with a different set of priorities than would be expected with other people. There is also a different perception of situations and sensory experiences.

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Some say Aspergers has reached epidemic proportions in this country. People with Aspergers may have unusual speech patterns or may speak without inflection, as though the emotional content is missing, but their language skills are normal. In most other respects, autism and Aspergers share similar features.

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Aspergers in adults is typically seen as an individual with an above average intellectual ability paired with severely inadequate social skills and often an all-absorbing, obsessive interest in particular topics. The subtypes used to be separate diagnoses until the update to the DSM-5 diagnostic manual. Now, the subtypes are folded into one diagnosis known as autism spectrum disorder ASD.

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Your child might display just a few, several, or all the signature behaviors. They may not recognize when someone is uncomfortable, disinterested, or offended. For example, he or she might be able to recite different types of flowers or sports statistics.


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