Nvidia CEO clarifies its GPUs are ‘absolutely’ immune to Meltdown and Spectre


Nvidia issued a security bulletin on Tuesday detailing updates it made to its driver software to address the so-called Meltdown CPU vulnerability revealed by Google’s Project Zero. The bulletin was misinterpreted by some outlets as an admission that Nvidia’s GPUs were also affected.

“Our GPUs are immune, they’re not affected by these security issues,” Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said during a general press Q&A this morning. “What we did is we released driver updates to patch the CPU security vulnerability. We are patching the CPU vulnerability the same way that Amazon , the same way that SAP, the same way that Microsoft, etc are patching, because we have software as well.”

Huang explained that anyone running any kind of software has to patch that software for the CPU vulnerabilities discovered by researchers. He stressed that in no way is Nvidia patching for any issues in its own hardware.

“I am absolutely certain that our GPU is not affected,” Huang said, in no uncertain terms.

Nvidia also updated its security bulletin to make clear that its own hardware products are not affected by the disclosed vulnerabilities, to the best of their knowledge right now.

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