Teen age surgeons

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The media makes it out to be a big story that teens are getting cosmetic surgery in larger numbers than ever. However, this is far from the truth. Yearly data, is increasingly showing a reduction in the percentage, as well as absolute numbers of these surgeries.

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O'Toole lends years of expertise in helping teens and their parents learn whether plastic surgery is appropriate. In some cases, it is not. In others, it is a viable option with extremely beneficial outcomes.

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Teenagers who want to have plastic surgery usually have different motivations and goals than adults. They often have plastic surgery to improve physical characteristics they feel are awkward or flawed, that if left uncorrected, may affect them well into adulthood. Teens tend to have plastic surgery to fit in with peers, to look similar.

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Pediatric plastic surgeons perform both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. The question of cosmetic aka aesthetic surgery in teens can be a thorny subject. There are no specific laws in the United States that prevent teenagers from getting cosmetic surgery; however, parental consent is required for patients under the age of Therefore, the responsibility falls to parents to help their children make the right decision.

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In an age of social media, when teens are frequently comparing themselves to others and receiving instant comment on their appearance, a greater number of teens than ever are seeking -- and having -- cosmetic surgery procedures. But, many of these procedures have not been tested on teens. The safety is uncertain and other questions about whether they are appropriate for teens remain.

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When you hear of plastic surgery, what do you think of? A Hollywood star trying to delay the effects of aging? People who want to change the size of their stomachs, breasts, or other body parts because they see it done so easily on TV?

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When children younger than 18 come to see Debra Johnson, a plastic surgeon with a private practice in Sacramento, Calif. She makes sure the parents are supportive, considers what kind of surgery they want, and has an honest discussion about how their bodies, and the results, will change over time. She also asks that teenagers pay for the procedure, in part.

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As cosmetic surgery becomes more accepted as 'normal' in today's society, more teenagers are going under the knife in a bid to enhance their natural appearance and cope with the pressure to look good. In a recent article in Reveal. After seeing the results, she said: "I got a taste for altering my body. I didn't see why you had to accept the way you looked when there were so many treatments and surgeries available to tweak every part of you.

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As plastic surgery patients get younger, the number of teens seeking plastic surgery is increasing. Dermal fillers have also made a significant impact in how faces and lips are augmented, not only in teens, but in adults. Most board-certified plastic surgeons recommend against the use of cosmetic dermal facial fillers and Botox during tremendous physical and psychological growth occurring in these the teen years.

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Inmore thancosmetic procedures were performed on patients between 13 and 19, including nearly 65, surgical procedures such as nose reshaping, breast lifts, breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tucks. Very few studies have been conducted to examine the risks for teens of these increasingly common surgeries. Research is especially needed for the more controversial procedures such as breast implants, liposuction, and genital plastic surgery.


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